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Author Post: The Vampire and the M.D. by J.P. Bowie

by on Apr.20, 2017, under Author Posts

Vampires and Me, by J.P. Bowie

So, it’s no secret I have a thing for Vampires. I have written seventeen stories about them, and given the time I might just write seventeen more. After all, they do give a writer a lot of great stuff to work with. First of all, they’re immortal, so their stories can go on forever, unless they meet an untimely demise at the end of a silver stake or severed head… Yeah, even the strongest vamp can’t survive that. And then there’s the daylight thing, but vampires are usually really, really smart and can generally avoid most of those inconveniences.

In my books, I’ve dispelled some of the myths surrounding the vampires, the no reflection thing, the holy water and the cross making them weak, and that they all hail from Transylvania. Those were Bram Stoker inventions, and although I loved his Dracula, I wanted to work on the premise that vampires could actually mingle with humans without being all that noticeable. And of course, as the stories are mostly pretty erotic, the guys have to be super hot, if a little on the pale side.

Here’s the blurb for my latest, The Vampire and the M.D.:

When Dr. Blake Farnon hits a shadowy figure with his car, he is astounded when the man almost instantaneously recovers from the accident. But Daniel Vale is no ordinary man, as Blake soon discovers. Daniel is Vampire, and not only that, works for the US government in a secret department of the FBI. At first, although wary of the undeniably handsome vampire, Blake cannot resist Daniel’s allure for long. From the moment Daniel shows up at Blake’s apartment with a poisoned silver sword imbedded in his side, Blake is hurled into an adventure he never dreamed he would be a part of.

Demons, ancient gods and a vindictive goddess determined to tear apart the fragile fabric of world peace after the Middle East War, can only be stopped by other supernatural beings—vampires. And Blake finds himself caught up in the fight, whether he wants to be or not. Can his fledging relationship with Daniel possibly survive? He’d thought it crazy enough he’d fallen for a vampire, but the rest of it? What would his mother say?





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