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MLR Press offers the highest quality stories to readers of our genre, mainly gay fiction and erotic romance, what we call ‘manlove’. Manlove includes the fine art of gay erotic stories written for the romantic-minded reader, male or female. It is a genre all its own and it is written for both men and women who find the fantasy of two (or more) gorgeous, intriguing men in love, or lust, thrilling and captivating. We believe in delivering every steamy moment of it.

Founded with a goal of bringing the finest to its discriminating readers, MLR Press publishes books that span the range from historical settings to futuristic ones, and everything in between. We have new worlds, mysteries, vampires, ghosts and aliens that entertain and delight. We take readers on amazing adventures through the creative minds and skills of a small, select group of bright, uniquely talented authors and artists. We’re blazing new trails and opening doors for gay erotic fiction readers and writers.

To learn more about all aspects of the M/M genre read an article written by MLR Press publisher Laura Baumbach for the invaluable writer’s resource site Erotic Readers & Writers Association.

Join us. Sample our stories. We have something for everyone. From lust-filled, stolen moments to long, lazy afternoons of lovemaking, we have the man-on-man mayhem you’re looking for wrapped up in solid plots with heroes you can love with a passion. Maybe even hate with a passion, but passion will always be a part of it. Our authors are skilled wordsmiths that weave tales of mayhem, lust and romance that will set your heart pounding and your temperature rising. Erotic, explicit and enticing novels filled with suggestive, seductive and downright sultry action.

Manlove. You know you want to. Go ahead. Read us.

Reading is man’s second favorite activity to do in bed.

Feedback from readers is always welcome. Let us know what you want to see between our pages. Comments and Suggestions are always welcome. Readers can contact us at

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