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Learn With Me Reviewed at Rainbow Book Reviews!

by on Jun.08, 2018, under Author Posts

Kris Jacen’s Learn With Me Reviewed at Rainbow Book Reviews“I enjoyed this book quite a lot. I loved seeing more of the heptad and learning (HA!) about military traditions was fascinating.”
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And God Belched Reviewed at Queer Sci-Fi!

by on Apr.13, 2018, under Author Posts

Rob Rosen’s And God Belched Reviewed at Queer Sci-Fi“Rosen knows how to tap into the reader’s happily-ever-after imagination, and here a campy, sci fi setting becomes a compelling tableau for what is ultimately a pretty wholesome story of boy-meets-boy.”
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Dragons and Healers Reviewed at Joyfully Jay!

by on Mar.30, 2018, under Author Posts

Nina R. Schluntz’s Dragons and Healers Reviewed at Joyfully Jay – 4 Stars –  “I liked this world. I liked the writing. I liked most of the characters and I loved how the Enukara and their dragons interacted together as pairs and as a group.”
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And God Belched Reviewed at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words!

by on Jan.27, 2018, under Author Posts

Rob Rosen’s And God Belched Reviewed at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words – 5 Stars “Wow! Another Rob Rosen fantabulous whackadoodle tale! I mean you know that going in…because, hey…it’s Rob Rosen…but that’s exactly why I love to read him. For stories like And God Belched!”
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The King and the Carpenter Reviewed at Sinfully Gay Romance Reviews!

by on Nov.17, 2017, under Author Posts

Ophelia Cox’s The King and the Carpenter Reviewed at Sinfully Gay Romance Reviews – 3.5 Stars “If you like reading stories where a king has to break with tradition, and find a way to rule that suits him; with a substantial sexual content, then you will love this.”
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Author Post: Starlit by J.V. Speyer

by on May.04, 2017, under Author Posts

Starlit by J.V. Speyer


Starlit is due out soon, and I’m excited to share Sahak and Azat’s story with you.  When I sat down to write it – well, I sat down to write something else, in response to a call for submissions someplace else, and it was terrible and I hated it.  What I wanted to write was a fun, romantic adventure in the stars.  I wanted there to be action, and some close calls, and a happy ending with strong lovers who could build something new together.

I wrote that instead, and here it is.

Of course, a person can’t write a swashbuckling boy meets alien romantic adventure in the stars without putting humans into the stars in the first place.  Starlit is set in the far future, when humans have escaped the confines of our current solar system.  I’d love to say we did that because exploration is just that important, and maybe some of the earliest advances took place out of scientific curiosity.

People don’t tend to leave their homes and their families, and the places they and their ancestors have known, without something strong pushing them forward.  In the Starlit universe, Earth was dying.  People had enough warning that they could work together to get away, and they did.  They built generation ships and filled them with people of childbearing age, at least one ship from each country and ethnic group on the planet.

Then they scattered the ships throughout the universe.  Humanity, in all of its forms, would survive.

Those ships reached their destinations.  Some found planets with few resources, other than good quality soil.  Others found mineral rich environments, and others found worlds awash in oil.  They built new societies, retaining some traditions from the past and losing some to the mists of time.

Technology evolved, and humans were able to move from planet to planet without having to make use of generation ships.  They expanded beyond their initial planets and made colonies for themselves, thriving in their new environments.  They named their new worlds after places or historical figures from the past.  Starlit takes place mostly in systems named for kings from pre-Islamic Iranian history, for example.

Some groups saw the advantages of banding together, at least in part.  The Federated Systems, who are the enemy in Starlit, is a federal system of quasi-independent systems.  They grew out of an Arabic-speaking system, so the standard language of the Federation is Arabic.  (I chose it because it looks pretty.)  People still speak their own languages as well, but not in any kind of official capacity.  We see Sahak and Siran speaking Armenian amongst themselves and with Azat, for example.

The Feds aren’t the only game in town.  The Rebels are fighting against the Feds, of course.  As the Federated Systems expand, the Rebellion expands as well.  Another large player is the Holy Empire in the Stars, known colloquially as the Holy Rollers.  The Rollers are a theocracy born of an English-speaking system at some distance from where the action takes place in Starlit.

“But what about the aliens?  There’s a big purple guy running around, there was another short gray dude, what about them?”

As I was building the Starlit universe, I tried to look at population movements through history.  Some of them have been hostile.  Some of them haven’t been overtly hostile, but the new “neighbors” haven’t been all that cognizant of the fact that there were actual people living in the place they were now occupying.  I didn’t think it would be all that different if humans moved into space already inhabited by non-humans.

Some alien species became extinct.  Humans are hardy, we’re adaptable, and we’re patient.  I figured we’d be likely to outlast most other species.  Some species retreated, such as the Arascids.  Some adapted, and found ways to live among humans.  Some don’t want any contact at all.

And I don’t blame them, honestly.

The world behind Starlit was fun to create, and it was fun to live in while I wrote.  Any time I look up at the stars these days, I can’t help but wonder.

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Author Post: His Omega by A.C. Katt

by on Apr.27, 2017, under Author Posts

His Omega by A.C. Katt

His Omega, the first book in the Werewolves of Manhattan Series is now out in audio. The book is narrated by the talented Joel Froomkin, who makes His Omega come alive with his interpretation of the accents of an international case. Dimitri, the Russian villain sounds appropriately ominous, as if he arrived from Moscow, yesterday. Armand, The Alpha of French origin comes across as sexy and Sean, the young American caught up in the drama is portrayed as young and uncertain.

His Omega as the first book of the series starts to build the world the loup garou inhabit. It introduces the loup garou concept of Betas and Enforcers, letting the reader know that Betas are assigned to their Alpha at their majority and unlike other werewolf books, you are born to your position and will retain that position for all of your time on life’s wheel. The series follows the eight Alphas who sit on the Loup Garou governing council in their quest for Mates and their Mates’ journey to their Alphas.

Here’s an excerpt:

He wasn’t sure he wanted to do this; but it was either sell himself or stay out on the street. Sean was frightened; but too hungry to care and enough of a pragmatist to know what had to be done. He had to talk himself into it. Prostitution, simple, he was going to make himself into a rent boy. Tears dropped from his eyelashes and down his high cheekbones. He never understood before why someone would sell themselves for money. Now he knew, rent himself out or starve; those were his choices. Leroy, one of the boys on Chelsea Pier he knew through a friend at NYU, told him that he could make good money at the trade.

“You’re small, blond with fair skin lacking freckles, dude. Your lips are full, your eyes a brilliant green. You look a lot younger than you are. You could make a fortune in this business, the perfect twink, but I think we need to find you a pimp to be safe.”

“This isn’t a life choice. All I want is money to eat and get a place to sleep until I have enough for a bus ticket to Boston. My friend Tony lives there with his wife. He’ll take me in and I’ll get a chance to make a few bucks at an honest job so I can finish school.”

“I’ll watch out for you until you land on your feet. You can crash with me on the sofa; but I can’t afford to feed you.”

“Thanks, I owe you.” They walked down to the pier together.

A huge man lurked at the edge of the pier looking over each boy as he arrived. He appeared dark and menacing.

“Oh shit, we gotta go hide. Run behind that dumpster in the alley and don’t come out until I come and get you. That Russian is into rough trade. The boys he likes disappear and he goes for twinks. If you want to stay healthy, run.”

“What about you?” Sean looked around in a panic.

“He doesn’t want me, so I’m safe. Now go—trust me.” Sean ran. Leroy didn’t have to tell him twice. He was about to prostitute himself, but he was no fool. He hid behind a large green dumpster on the right side of the alley. He pulled garbage bags and garbage in front of him for cover.

“I saw him, the blond. Where’d he go?” Sean listened as the huge Russian interrogated Leroy. “You talked to him no more than five minutes ago so you must know him.” The Russian grabbed Leroy by the front of tight black T-shirt and shook him. “You told him to leave, you little rat bastard.”

“He asked me for a joint then, disappeared.” The big man slapped Leroy then held his fist out menacingly. “Okay, Okay. I know him from NYU. He’s green. Look, he isn’t in the trade. He has no experience, you wouldn’t want him.”

“I saw him and I want him, tell me where he went, or I’ll beat the shit out of you.”

“He went over there, toward the pier,” Leroy said, turning way from where Sean hid behind the dumpster.

The Russian went into a rage. “What? You think I’m a fool? He slid into that alley.”

“No, no, he went back home. He’s not into this. He’s uh…waiting for someone else, he made an appointment.”

“I thought you said he wasn’t for rent. You’re fucking with me Leroy. I don’t allow anyone to fuck with me.”

Sean heard and watched in horror as the big man pulled a knife and shoved it into Leroy’s gut. Too frightened to call out, he saw Leroy fall to the ground. The man moved away from the alley, down toward the dumpster; for a minute Sean thought he saw the guy’s eyes turned red.




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